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Getting started is often the hardest part. My goal is to coach you through this process.Here is a quick synopsis of how we are going to get you going.  The first step is to draft a primary SMART goal and determining what good and bad habits are going to enable or prevent you from reaching this goal. During this stage, we will discuss the three things (time, energy, people) that affect all lifestyle changes, especially wellness and fitness related changes. Once we have worked through goal setting, we will move right into doing a detailed fitness assessment to see where you're at today. This assessment measures your muscular strength and endurance as well as your flexibility. Once we've established a baseline, we move right into developing a wellness and fitness plan that is customized to your unique situation and goals. Finally, we will address nutrition and get you started on a food log so that you can track your macro-makeup and identify trends. This is the LAUNCH program. It is designed to do just that, launch you into your new wellness and fitness program. To get started simply follow the steps below. 

Order My Fitness Log

My Fitness Log is the book that you and I will work from. It teaches you the basics of program design that the leading trainers use with every client. It includes a 90-day  program log, a 90-day journal, and a 90-day nutrition log.  This is a simple yet powerful tool that will keep you on track and keep you moving towards success. 


Contact Me

Click the button below and simply message me that you want to get started with the Launch program. I will then forward you a PAR-Q. This questionnaire will determine if you are ready to start a program. It is te safest and smartest way to start any wellness and fitness program. 

Get Started

Once you have filled out the PAR-Q, forwarded it back to me, assuming we have determined that you are good-to-go, we jump into the Launch process.  To join this  program it costs $150.


One of the best ways to be accountable and stay motivated is to share your progress and struggle. We will connect via social media and I will do my best to keep motivating you.  My hope is that you will share with your friends and family and together we can work to help others. 

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